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JTECH Networks has been providing businesses with IT support and services that help you achieve more growth and success than ever before.

Our proactive approach to IT support means less hassles, less downtime and a smooth running network that lets you and your employees put your customers first. Instead of “fixing” problems as they come up, we work to prevent trouble before it happens.

The team at JTECH Networks is experienced in network infrastructure and computer repair, support and installation. We know that as the world gets smaller and technology becomes more advanced your business needs an IT provider who can help you get the best possible ROI from your IT investment – whilst making sure you remain competitive.

With JTECH Networks as your partner we’ll enable you to reduce the cost, resources and time associated with maintaining and managing your computer network in house by being your very own IT department.

In April 2014, JTECH was acquired by Digitel Corporation ( Digitel is a 31 year old Atlanta based telephone system and service provider focused on premise based Cisco and Avaya solutions as well as hosted VoIP. Together, we continue to provide outstanding telephone, server, computer, network and VoIP solutions for clients nationwide.

We partner with some of the industry’s leading names including Microsoft, Apple, Dell, Cisco, HP, Citrix, Avaya, and VMWare and we pass the benefits of those relationships on to you.

Wherever you are located, get in touch with us and see how we use our experience and knowledge to help you take your business to the next level.


Jay Ryerse,
Vice President


See what other Atlanta business owners are saying about us...

“A fantastic partner...”

Jay has always kept us at the perfect point where we didn't have too much technology that we were under-utilizing it, but we had enough capacity to grow. He's been a fantastic partner for us.

Stefanie Newsome
VP Lazer Spot, Inc.

“Ability to learn our business...”

What impressed me about Jay and JTECH was his ability to learn our business and to add a lot of insight into ways we could improve our business. He does know our business and he understands what our needs are, sometimes before we do.

Vince Raia
President, EMC Security

"I rely heavily on JTECH..."

JTECH gives us a report every month that has the status of everything in our network, all the way down to the PC level. They tell us what to anticipate and budget for and it really makes the IT process invisible to me as an owner. I rely heavily on JTECH to see where we are going to make us more efficient and to grow our business.

Chris Stockhoff
President, Anchor Home Mortgage

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